We Are So Screwed


People Who Oppose Voter IDs Are Fools

People who are opposed to voter IDs are supporting the liberal/socialist agenda of making our system of voting irrelevant. They are fools or toddies. Already we see the democrats bus voters from one precinct to another. The democrats are pushing for voter registration on election day, with no ID required. If they can accomplish these two small tasks, they will never lose another election. Think like this: They won’t need to spend their money on TV Ads, they will spend their money on buses and college students. Load the buses with students; go from precinct to precinct, registering under a different name at each one. What would stop them? They have no morals or ethics. They have already done this on a smaller scale and won a few elections. Republicans need to wake up and realize they are fighting some real life sleazy scum suckers. Democrats and the MSM have no qualms about cheating and lying to win. Lying is a way of life for the current occupant; in fact it’s hard for anyone in this administration to tell the truth even when it would serve them better! Some, the ignorant uninformed, support this insane drive to abolish voter IDs and have no real idea why, other than the main stream media has told them they should! These are the people who are the most dangerous. The ones who oppose promoting an agenda can be dealt with, but you cannot argue with the uninformed masses. They don’t know enough about the issue to discuss it, so they revert to name calling and talking points provided by the media, and these talking points were provided to the media by the democrat party! It’s time to admit the MSM is nothing but the propaganda arm of the DNC (with the exception of FOX). That is why I keep preaching the GOP candidates need to spend their money on Ads attacking the democrats, not each other. If we are to ever have an honest election, IDs are a must. Without voter IDs, our elections will become even more of a sham.

Why The GOP Should Win, How They Can Win, Why They Won’t Win

People are tired of the situation we are in. Record unemployment, out of control gas prices. Groceries going up every week. America is being turned into a part-time work force and more and more folks are losing their benefits. The very people who voted The Golfer into office are getting screwed the worse, losing their health insurance and being cut to 25-30 hours a week if they are lucky enough to have a job. Of course The Golfer is doing everything he can to get people out of the work force and onto welfare, but the working folks are starting to resent that. All of these things can be exploited and used in a campaign. Even some liberals are having to admit Obamas foreign policies are failures, and Clinton is knee deep in these fiascos. Libya and Egypt are ripe for exploiting. Four dead, burning buildings, cover-ups. People just need to be reminded.

The GOP needs to stop letting the democrats and MSM dictate their talking points. Somewhere along the line, the MSM convinced the GOP it was a good idea for the candidates to smear each other just as bad as they could during the primaries to “prepare” them for the general election. That was insane! All it really did was provide the democrats with campaign ad material and bring up every negative aspect about the candidates no matter how big or small. These attacks led to more and nastier attacks, and by the time the general election came around, many were turned off by the all the negative attacks. This has got to stop. Shorten the primary season and debates. Reformat the debates to favor positive feedback as opposed to negative attacks. Use them to attack the democrats, and highlight the positive side of the candidates. The GOP should direct their money against the democrats. I don’t understand the GOPs reluctance to play hardball. I didn’t understand McCains refusing to bring up “rev” Wright. A man that damned America was a legit target, yet McCain refused to make him an issue. That type of cowardly behavior has got to cease. Everything should be on the table. I would run ads with Clinton screeching “Whats the difference?” with a picture of the four dead Americans and burning buildings and say; ”four dead Americans. That’s the difference . Incompetence, gave us four dead Americans”.  The GOP can win if they play to win; if they stop listening to the MSM; if they stop listening to the democrats; if they stop attacking each other; if they spend their money attacking democrats. If they come out with a strong anti-partial birth abortion stance, but be very clear that the GOP has no intentions of banning abortions. Tell Santorum to shut the hell UP! Develop a positive message and stay with it. DO NOT STRAY.

Rick Santorum will run on abolishing ALL abortions, and the MSM will say ALL republicans want to ban ALL abortions, and the Republican candidates will not have the nerve to stand up and say; “I have no intentions of banning abortions. Anyone who says I do is a damn liar. I do oppose partial birth abortions, but I do not support Mr Santorum. Abortion is not an issue in this election.” But the MSM will make it an issue because Santorum will make it an issue and we will lose. I know a woman, a college grad who voted for Obama because Romney wanted to ban abortions. She had been convinced by the MSM that Romney wanted to ban abortions. Romney NEVER came out with a strong statement about abortions because he let the MSM dictate his stance. And that stance was Santorums. And they will do it again. And we will lose again. The candidates will spend their time telling me why I should not vote for the other guy instead of why I should vote for them. And we will lose. After the primaries we will be broke and we will lose. The GOP will not play hardball and we will lose. The GOP still has not figured out they need to spend their money fighting the MSM as much as the democrats. Until they do, we will lose.


Failure In The Middle East

Egypt is on fire. Hundreds dead. Riots. Our Middle East Foreign Policy is a joke. President Obama and his State Department have been an utter failure in the Middle East. Benghazi is never going to go away. Now it seems that 400 missiles are missing and in the hands of our enemies. Friends of the President maybe, but enemies of the Country. Reports are coming out that there were numerous CIA assets in Benghazi that stood by and did nothing to try to assist the Ambassador. It’s hard to know what to believe with this administration, they lie, cover up and spread disinformation even when the truth would serve them better. Our President goes to Africa and lectures Muslims about “Gay Rights”, an insane position to take knowing Muslims hang and behead gays. “He just doesn’t get it”. Maybe he does get it, but is so arrogant, that he thinks he knows better than everyone else, so doesn’t care he offends people and their core beliefs. It takes a special kind of ego to think you are the smartest person in the world. The kind of ego that makes you blind to failure. The kind of failure we are seeing in Egypt today.

We Need Answers

Recently I wrote a short post on Facebook, and said I wanted two things from congress, and one of them was answers to Benghazi. A Facebook friend responded that although they agree Benghazi is important, I should have included the IRS attacks on conservatives, as they were much more important than Benghazi. Well folks, that person and the ones that agreed are dead wrong. While the actions of the IRS are despicable, illegal and should be punished to the maximum, Benghazi is a much greater problem. The IRS attacks may represent illegal actions by government officials from the lowest clerk to the Oval Office, but this is a problem easily fixed. But Benghazi.

Benghazi represents a massive breakdown and lack of leadership from the President, CIA, Pentagon AND STATE DEPARTMENT. Benghazi represents a Total Collapse of a Misguided Foreign Policy. Benghazi was a failure of epic proportions that has spawned a cover-up more elaborate than any Hollywood screenplay. Survivors have been hidden from congress. Military officers have mysteriously gotten lost.

But there is another reason Benghazi is so important; 2016. Sitting at the heart of Benghazi is the woman who lust after the Oval Office in 2016; The woman who played a major role in the deaths of FOUR Americans that we ABANDONED ON THE BATTLEFIELD! Something that we Do Not Do! We need the answers to Benghazi to find out just how incompetent Hillary Clinton is, and to determine if she was willing to sit and watch four Americans Die on TV and DO NOTHING. This woman will be elected in 2016 if the truth is not aired for all to see. Either she was a part of the Four Dying, or she is part of the cover-up. OR BOTH! Hillary Clinton is up to her neck in Benghazi. I want to know if that will become a political noose, or necklace.


We are at War with Islam. Not radical Islamist; Islam. We have a president who has been bending over backwards to not just appease the Muslims, but to establish Radical Muslim regimes throughout the Middle East. Barac-O-Bama may act like a naive child who insist his way is the only way, but there is a definite method to his madness. He has extended the hand of peace and friendship to the Muslims only to bring back a stub. His ego is so big he thinks "His" talking will solve thousands of years of hate and war, and has sent $Billions to the Muslim Brotherhood to ensure they are the one faction that will emerge as the dominate power after the so called Arab Spring. Arabs and Persians are laughing, for they now hold the power because they perceive our President as weak. We are at War with Islam. Not Radical Islam; Islam. Their goal is world domination, and the conversion or death of ALL Infidels. When I was in Iraq, I saw people wiping their backsides with their hand, but they call US Infidels? People who don't understand we are at war are the ones who will insure this war is lost. Trying to ignore the FACT Muslims are trying to kill us will only get more killed. They lie to achieve their goals and anyone who believes what they say is naive at best, moronic at worst. This is a war for our way of life, freedom and liberty.  This War is not just being fought on foreign soil. It is being fought here at home. In our streets, courts and media. They want to enslave us the same way they have enslaved their own populations. They are in the process of slaughtering Christians in Egypt, Syria and throughout the Middle East and Africa. People who love freedom should wake up and see Muslims for what they are: Savages! Murderers, killers and enslavers, all in the name of Allah. This war will not be over until one side wins. If we keep electing Presidents like the one we have the outcome is already determined and we will become the slaves to Islam. The Muslim Brotherhood is dedicated to world domination and nothing less. Our present administration insists on treating them as a peace loving fraternal organization. You have to ask yourself; Is Barac-O-Bama clueless? Or does he know exactly who and what the Brotherhood is? The Brotherhood has infiltrated our government and uses their positions to erode the might and wealth of the United States. This will be a long war that we will lose if we don't accept the fact this IS a war, and we ARE losing. Too many people in the US refuse to admit this war is real; they hide their heads in the sand and pretend there is nothing wrong with our policies. These people don't want to admit there is a problem because if they do, they will have to act. Islam is out to destroy us. What will you do to stop it?


When the gun buying frenzy first started, I assumed it was because people thought The Islamist Golfer and his cohorts were going to pass laws to ban, restrict the sale of, and order registration of certain, if not all guns.

But the hysteria didn’t stop. Ammunition sales went thru the roof. Gun sales skyrocketed. Semiautomatic rifle sales are off the charts. Evil Assault Rifles prices keep going up and people don’t even blink; they just lay down the money and walk out the door. That’s all everyone is talking about, the “Evil Assault Rifle”. What they should be just as, if not more concerned with, is all the precision rifles being sold by companies like Savage Arms. Savage is selling precision rifles as fast as they can make them. These rifles are capable of hitting a half dollar size target at 200 yards, a man’s head at 500 yards, or his chest at 800 yards.  But these fools are all bent out of shape about “Assault Rifles”. And it’s just not the weapons being sold. Ammunition is being sold as fast as it is being made, and companies are working around the clock 24/7.

But I have come to change my mind.

I am beginning to think The Citizens Of The United States are Arming themselves because they fear their government as much as I do, and are preparing themselves for what they know MUST come if things don’t change.  America is becoming an Armed camp, with its citizens as the good guys, and the government as the bad guys. Every day I read posting on Facebook that five years ago would have been rants of wildeyed zealots. But these are not zealots; these are average citizens who are becoming alarmed at the present occupant of the White House and his power mad administration. Executive order after Executive Order that bypasses Congress is bad enough, but when the democrats in the House and Senate applaud him and encourage him to continue to turn the country into a Dictatorship and ignore the Congress, it’s time for us to be alarmed!

I think Americans are arming themselves for what they fear may very well be a looming period of civil strife unlike we have ever seen. I don’t buy into the UN troop, Black helicopter conspiracy. I do buy into this administration ordering US Soldiers into cities to enforce laws that require me to turn in my AR. Or Bible. Or Blue T Shirt. You probably asked? Blue T Shirt? Just an example of, “What’s Next after ARs?”  There are a boat load of guys my age who have nothing to lose who will be willing to set the example. We have lived a good life. Our problem is, we are old. Our advantages are; we are highly trained, we have little fear, and we know the end is close anyway. This administration doesn’t need UN Soldiers. It has all the young US Soldiers it needs to order into our cities to augment the police. The US Army conducts training against Zombies. These are “Civilians” with zombie masks. The goal? Get troops used to shooting civilians. The solution? Buy more guns and ammo.

Every day I read a post on Facebook from intelligent sane people who have come to the conclusion this administration is out to destroy the country. That Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are clueless. That The Islamist Golfer is dead set on turning the country into a Third World hell hole. They have come to realize he hates the United States and is out to Raise the RED Crescent over the White House. They realize he is the most corrupt man to ever occupy the white House.  The solution? Buy more guns and ammo.


We are at war on several fronts. War with the savage islamist; And a war of ballots with their domestic agents who have taken control of our government. We must win both of these wars. Thousands of words are being written about why the GOP lost the last election. I wrote soon after the election they lost because they can't sell. Such a simple concept, that it's hard to come to grips with. If we don't start winning elections, we will lose both the wars with the savages. But let’s get back to "selling". It's not the message the GOP has a problem with, its how they deliver it. They cannot continue to react to the democrats attacks. They must be the ones taking the lead. They can't put a candidate in front who walks like he has a corncob wedged between his cheeks. It's time for a little style with the substance. Say what you want about president Bush, but he was "real". The Muslims are out to rule the world and the GOP candidates are already sniping at each other. Jindal is at it attacking on all fronts; not Obama! But Romney! The democrats and the media love it! They will never learn. He could have come out and stated his position, and explained he wanted to start reaching out to a more diverse voter base. That would not have given the democrats their readymade 2016 ads. Jindal is having a hard time selling his message to me, because he is trying to sell it to the democrats and the media. AGAIN the democrats are controlling what the GOP is talking about. Why does he and other GOP candidates feel they have to appease the media and the democrats? What is this burning desire to be loved by the media? Why do the GOP candidates want to be accepted and approved by the democrats? I just don’t understand it. We will continue to lose elections, and eventually lose the war to the savages because the GOP candidates refuse to learn to sell their message. They keep trying to change it, when all they really have to do is learn to sell it.

What have We Become?

It is sad to realize what our country has come to. To awaken and realize we have a President who puts our enemy’s interest ahead of the lives of our own citizens. A President who sits and watches four men die; who refuses to allow anyone to help; and then walks up and goes to bed. Then flys to Vegas to raise money. And to add insult to injury, he then charts a course to lie to the American people that sets in motion a cover-up that’s paper thin. It’s only with the help of the main stream media, and their refusal to investigate this disaster, that the American people are kept in the dark. The CIA, DOD, DOS and the White House all watched in Real Time, as Muslims attacked our Embassy and killed our Ambassador and three others. During an attack that lasted 7 hours our president refused to allow anyone to send help. Three times CIA agents on the ground requested permission to go to the aide of their fellow Americans. Three times he gave the order to “Stand down”. It makes you ask the question: “Whose side is this guy on?” The CIA released a statement and said they did not give the “Stand Down” order. So did the DOD and DOS. That leaves only the White House. When asked, President Obama refused to answer the question. We have known this administration is inept, but to find out it is this incompetent defies belief. This level of ineptitude has to be controlled. Has to be put into place by a man who has a plan. No one at this level is this incompetent. This has to be part of a master plan. A plan to destroy the credibility of the country. How could he have allowed them to die without doing anything? That question will linger forever. What that man did was a disgrace! How anyone can call himself a leader and act in that manner is beyond comprehension. The Community Organizer hasn’t a clue, nor has he morals or ethics. Rumors abound the Ambassador was running guns. Did Obama let him die to cover up another gun running scandal? Or did he let them die because he just doesn’t care? I can believe either one, and that’s says volumes about what I think of this administration. A C130 Specter gun Ship was available to hose down the area. Capable of bring down the wrath of a thousand avenging Angels, Specter was told to stay away. If the Gun Ship had made one pass, fired one burst, the mob would have run, and the fight would not have lasted 7 hours. But Obamas side won. Obama made sure it did. Again, just whose side is Obama on

Why "Bil" Won't Vote For Gov Romney

It's unfortunate there are people who won't vote for a Mormon. I worked with such a moron at Fort Rucker. Let's call him "Bil". Bil was a "Reverend". He and I worked together in General Subjects Branch, Warrant Officer Career Center. Bil spent way too much time preaching to the students, and not enough time teaching. When I took over the Branch, I was told to counsel Bil about his preaching. Apparently, the branch chiefs before me had failed to do so, for Bil went bananas. He called me the Anti-Christ, and said I must be on the side of the devil if I wanted him to stop preaching and doing GODs work. From that moment on, Bil made it his life's work to undermine my career. Now Bil will never vote for a Mormon, for he once told me that anyone who was not a Methodist, was going to Hell. He was so stupid, he thought Republicans were pro choice, and democrats were pro life. I tried to tell him one day he had it backwards, and he accused me of twisting the facts. He said he knew better, because another "Preacher" had told him what was what, and that was the reason he voted democrat. Because democrats did not believe in abortions! No amount of newspaper articles could change his mind. Bil would tell the hardcore Christian candidates to file complaints against me. Bil had an axe to grind and spared no amount of time to do what he could to try to hurt me. See, Bil was one of those "Vengeful" Christians. Full of hate. One who will never vote for Mitt Romney, because Mitt Romney is not the "Right" kind of Christian. One who will turn a blind eye to all the things that Obama does, just so he can say he didn't vote for the Mormon. Bil was a stupid redneck.


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